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Our best friend

Cody was born on 16 January 2011 in Sydney, Australia, and moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2017. He is believed to be one of the first Pomskies in the world, through an accidental mating of a Siberian Husky and a standard-sized Pomeranian. Both parents were well and alive through the mating and births. Cody is very much a smaller version of a Siberian Husky, exhibiting Siberian Husky traits like his double-coated fur, eyes (bi-colored), body structure.

Cody is a sweet-natured domestic companion always with the desire to please. He loves playing fetch and will never tire of it. When you have his favourite ball in your hands, you will be his favourite person!


Name Cody
City, State, Country Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Born 16 January 2011
Gender Male
Generation F1
Neutered Yes
Registered Yes
Breeder N.A.


Facebook CodyThePomsky
Instagram @theoriginalpomsky
YouTube psychey1

Human parent

Registered owner's name Andre Ling
Email Yes