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      Rules of The Pomsky Community

      Welcome to The Pomsky Community. By using the site, you agree to follow these rules. We encourage open discussion and active debate, but to ensure that all our users enjoy the site, we have to enforce certain rules.

      1. No personal attacks or inflammatory behaviour
      2. No advertising or inappropriate links
      3. Respect the privacy of other users
      4. Do not condone or encourage illegal activity
      5. Post in the correct forum and stay on topic
      6. The Moderators reserve the right to delete/edit without prior notice

      We do not wish to censor or control your opinions, but we will ensure that the rules of the site are respected. The moderators’ decision is final. We reserve the right to delete, edit, or move any content at our discretion.

      If you see any material that breaks the site rules, please email to alert the site moderators.

      Community Rules in Detail

      We want The Pomsky Community to be a welcoming, friendly and inclusive site. As such, personal attacks and inflammatory behaviour will not be tolerated in any area of the site.

      Content that contains racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted, pornographic, or otherwise offensive material will be removed. Whilst discussion of certain social and political issues may legitimately require the use of sensitive or potentially offensive terms, outside of those limited contexts the use of such terms is not allowed on this site.

      We expect that you will show respect and sensitivity to the beliefs and views of all users. Comments we believe to be rude, excessively profane, deliberately antagonising or disruptive, or a personal attack will lead to a warning and may result in the involved member(s) being suspended or banned immediately.

      Posts should be made to the most relevant forum for the topic. The moderators may move posts at any time if there is a forum better suited for the topic in discussion. Do not cross post to multiple forums. Upon cross posting all duplicates including the original post may be removed. Use existing threads on your topic to continue a discussion rather than starting a new one. Posts that are repetitive in nature may be removed at the discretion of the moderators.

      Use descriptive thread titles

      Thread titles should be accurate and explain the content of the thread. Thread titles should not contain any censored words. If they do, you will be warned.

      Do not repost deleted content
      • Do not repost something that a moderator has deleted or edited. Doing so will result in a warning. If you are unsure why something has been deleted, please ask the moderator by emailing
      • Do not link to other sites or products for advertising purposes
      • Do not promote pyramid schemes or other Internet scams
      • Do not link to torrent sites, pirate sites, hacker lounges or sites that host illegally copyrighted material or provide an index of links for places that do
      • Do not ask for links to illegal downloads
      • Do not link to sites that contain any form of pornography, swearing or items otherwise unsuitable for the underage users of the site

      Advertising and inappropriate linking will be deleted. Persistent offenders will be banned. If you sign up and immediately begin advertising, you will be banned permanently and immediately.


      Creating member names with the intention to impersonate or mimic a member of the moderation or administration team or any other Rowan International member is not allowed.


      The Moderators and Administrators of The Pomsky Community reserve the right in their absolute discretion to edit, alter, delete or move any material posted on the site. We may at any time, and without prior or post warning, close threads on the forum as we consider appropriate.

      If you are found to be abusing The Pomsky Community, then we reserve the right to restrict, suspend or terminate your membership or deny you access if you break any of the forum rules.

      These rules constitute the understanding between you and us as to use The Pomsky Community.
      Should you require any further information, please email

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